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  1. Visst är det förvånande att själva straffet inte avskräcker, det de ser som straff är eventuell utnibving.Proslemet med hedersmord är hur enkelt som helst att lösa. Gör som i danmark statuera exempel,rejäla straff och utvisning efter straffets avtjänande, för alla medlemmar i familjen.Då skulle flickorna känna att vi brydde oss om dem, som det nu är så sviker vi dem. /Bengt

  2. 9-11 Confirm’s America’s place in the world. She was a World Leader and continues to be a World Leader. American Tax Payers are the heros that I would like to honor. Only 51% of American’s pay taxes. We tax payers contribute to the stability to the whole entire world – now here is a moment of silence in honor of those who sacrifice with their budgets and earned capital to finance the world’s assistance. Hail the American Tax Payer! YOU ARE NUMBER ONE!

  3. Pas tant que ça obsédé des comptes équilibrés, car le canard enchaîné de cette semaine, souligne que les finances de la mairie de Sarcelles n’étaient pas très bien gérées lorsqu’il était adjoint aux finances en 2002 !

  4. My problem is that I’m bad at being single. I’ve only ever had one girlfriend in my life, and now that she’s gone, I don’t know what to do with all this newfound time and confidence. But then add to that my “speech impediment”, and it’s unnerving enough to stop me from approaching attractive women. So the whole experience is confusing.Plus, I’m not much of a sprawler when sleeping, so a small sliver on the side is good enough for me.

  5. Ja, sehr leider, vor allem wenn ich daran denke, dass zumindest ilfiglio die Sachen innerhalb von ein, zwei Wochen vermutlich ruiniert hätte … @marco: genau das befürchte ich auch. miomarito meinte, Italien würde das vermutlich nicht betreffen – aber das wäre ja nur der Urlaub – vermutlich bricht dann auch noch der Etna aus und wir hocken alle in der Asche-Suppe … und das nach diesem Winter …

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  7. A late Happy New Year to you, Kevin.I'm sorry to hear about the financial concerns (something I have dealt/am dealing with despite working in Korea) and subsequent concerns (I do hope you get a windfall and are able to do the walk). Here's to hoping that 2012 will be a year of good tidings. * If you do end up having to come to Korea, I'll have a beer waiting. My finances should be better by then.

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  9. Ico, eu concordo com tudo o que vc falou, apenas acrescento que muitos da imprensa brasileira que na verdade são pilotos frustrados tbm tem a mania de questionar a qualidade do Massa. No final de 2006 andou no ritmo do Alonso, superou o Raikkonen em 2 temporadas (em 2009 até ele se acidentar estava com mais pontos no campeonato) e agr está à frente do Alonso. Ele provou que é capaz.

  10. We us subfolders /en,/fr,/ge for our language sites. I added these subfolders to Google webmaster tools as separate sites(mysite.com/fr) and then set up the regional targeting to France. Will this hurt us for targeting French-Canadian users? Or other french speaking visitors outside of France? We want to target French speakers and browsers, not just France.In our case, is it better for us to avoid the regional targeting? Any insite?

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  16. Jag som deppat över att Picknik skulle läggas ned, har gillat deras enkla redigeringsmetoder. Nu blev jag glad och ska undersöka PicMonkey. Jag har inte heller Photoshop, utan brukar redigera i Pixlr, Pixl-o-matic, Picasa, Photoscape och tills nu Picknik. Allt beroende på vad jag ska göra med bilderna. Det är kul att leka och göra riktiga effektfulla konstverk av bilderna.Må så gott och ha en bra start på veckan :0)Kram Hanna

  17. Ciao Maurina! Che carina che sei stata a passare di qui…anche a me piacciono tanto queste scorzette, trovo che sia un’ottima ricetta.Ti ringrazio per l’in bocca al lupo…cercherò di stupirvi con effetti speciali (oggi ero in vena di ispirazione…e quindi me la tiro un po’…)!Spero tornerai presto a trovarmi…

  18. Czy do identyfikacji czÅ‚owieka niezbÄ™dna jest wiedza, gdzie siÄ™ urodziÅ‚? Jakie to ma znaczenie? Albo staÅ‚y adres zamieszkania – w dobie podróży po Å›wiecie jest to raczej ciekawostka niż potrzeba. Ważniejsza jest chyba informacja, czy i gdzie pÅ‚aci podatki, czy jest ubezpieczony, czy ma polisÄ™ zdrowotnÄ… i od odpowiedzialnoÅ›ci cywilnej. Można zastanowić siÄ™, czy nie należaÅ‚oby wpisywać informacji z rejestru dÅ‚użników. Za to „woÅ‚ami” powinien być napis o grupie krwi, kod genetyczny oraz informacja o zgodzie na pobranie narzÄ…dów.

  19. sollicitée également de plus en plus… je n'arrive pas à répondre "malgré le nombre de mes chroniques". Devrions-nous, nous aussi, rédiger un mail type ? Les auteurs méritent mieux, pour la plupart.Le blog littéraire doit rester un plaisir. Tu as entièrement raison, restons modeste, nous ne proposons que des avis de lectures. Continuons à faire salon, au service de la lecture et du nôtre.

  20. Z wielkÄ… przyjemnoÅ›ciÄ… przeczytaÅ‚am ten post.Sama pochodzÄ™ z Galicji, chociaż nie jestem w niej tak nieodwoÅ‚alnie zakochana, jak mój Tato – który historiÄ™ Austro-WÄ™gier zna na wylot, uzupeÅ‚nia stare mapy i chodzi z wykrywaczem metalu po miejsach,gdzie wedÅ‚ug niego mogÄ… być miejscami dawnych bitew. :-) Tak wiÄ™c Twój psot jest mi bardzo bliski.Co do krówek, jestem olbrzymim krówkożercÄ…, ale nie lubiÄ™ mordoklejek za bardzo, tylko te kruche. Sama przymierzam siÄ™ do karmelków z solÄ…:)Pozdrawiam z Krakowa!

  21. lâcher un peu de lest pour désamorcer la bombe…je crois qu’il est trop tard….70 % des Français contre la réforme, des mobilisations à cette époque commeon n’en avait jamais vu…des préavis de grève qui se multiplient…Si ce gouverneemnt a le sens des responsabilités, c’ »est toute la réforme qui est à remettre à plat et vite avant que la bombe n’explose réellement…

  22. Hej Sandra K,Jeg ved præcis, hvordan du har det Jeg hÃ¥ber, du fÃ¥r held med vægttabet denne gang – det er i hvert fald en meget nem kur at følge.Du har VIRKELIG sat mig pÃ¥ prøve. Jeg ved simpelthen ikke, hvad ejdammerost bønner er Det mÃ¥ du lige forklare. Jeg har simpelthen googlet og googlet og har intet fundet andet end noget om ost og ikke bønner.Hilsen Sanne1f41

  23. GIULIO CESARE · giovedì, 13 dicembre 2012, 10:09 am maria b. · giovedì, 13 dicembre 2012, 10:02 amciao, Gummoieri sera ho seguito la trasmissione “Il Fatto in TV”.Amore mio, ma ke ti importa di questo komunista kattolico e kretino di GUMMO e ke ti importa del Fatto e delle cagate ke emette.Pensa a me, pensa quanto sarebbe bello se tu mi facessi adesso un grande prompino. Io a te farei una bellissima minetta.Tu non lo sai, amatissma Maria, quanto mi fai arrapare.Giulio Cesare

  24. Me parecio un post muy interesante. Tengo una pregunta para ti David. Yo personalmente me aburre un poco visitar las paginas de las empresas para ver sus productos y/o servicios, prefiero meterme en facebook y buscar la pagina, si es que tiene… Sino, me meto en google y busco la empresa por su nombre, esperando que esta aparezca. Entonces, que crees tu que las personas prefieren, meterse en Facebook o visitar las paginas oficiales? De esta manera puedo saber en que me puedo enfocar mas.

  25. I leave town for a few days and look what happens! I’m in wild, wonderful West Virginia – land of bad perms and all-you-can-eat buffets.I am so sorry to read about Tovah and hope that she is recovering. Thanks for the award. One of my “cousins,” a young woman in her 30′s told me that she reads my blogs and thinks I’m “intriguing.” I liked that! I pass the same compliment to you, Miss Intriguing Pasadena Adjacent.

  26. sorry…:( Q: all these good chefs have gone to school, spent many fancy years in other countries…very fast in the kitchen…cooking from birth..haha ……. they are deemed a PRO Chefs….. (any comments? ) i was wondering… can i be deemed a good chef..if i learned from a community college, worked at a couple (sub par) french/ italian restaurants..3 months here…1 year there….and a real willingness to vollenteer to gain knowledge???

  27. ahhhh les cookies Laura Todd ! c’est clair que la première fois que je les ai goutés, je suis tombée à la renverse !! Depuis, je n’ai effectivement jamais gouté d’aussi bons cookies !! Moi je les achète chez Bagels and Brownies dans le 6ème. Il sont chers mais ils les valent bien !! Faut vraiment que je teste cette recette !!

  28. Otro post muy bueno!“Quiero que alguien represente de alguna forma el tedio absoluto y completo que son los baby showers de las mujeres burguesas, peor, las fotos de esos baby showers, el horror de verse allí retratada, los brazos gordos, la cara de bodrio, el pedazo de torta.” Aaaah, graciassss!! Fui invitada a 3 y todavía no fui a ninguno… sólo el nombre ya me provoca rechazo.

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  30. I really liked the reveiw you have in the Dawes. I am considering buying the Windsor Tourist, I have read a few of the CrazyGuyOnaBike website journals where the tourists used them. I have been impressed both by the price and reliability of the bike.

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  32. Interesting video, but I believe you’re underlying assumption is at best, shake and at worst outright false. Specifically: you assume that the reason people went to see Transformers movies “in droves” is because their desire to see Sam act far outweighed their desire to see robots, explosion and action scenes.I posit that the Transformers movies grossed as much as they did simply because they were accessible and pretty action movies and you only picked them because you wanted an easy target.

  33. Anon at 6.25What’s negative is spending time and energy talking about shite work rather than great work.Great work which works (and that’s what the strategy is for) should always be the aim and the focus. How’s that for positive? Like with John Webster (and there are many other examples too). Even if we don’t always get there.There are always millions of ways we can go creatively. Plumping for lowest common denominator stuff is just laziness.So keeping an open mind to your debate Dave is pointless. Because it’s focusing in the wrong place.

  34. “Don’t get me wrong I am also looking for home prices to fall in Monmouth/Ocean county so that I can purchase my second home w/ 20% down, take out a 15 year mortgage and then pass down both my primary residence and a special shore house to my children.”Wow, raising some spoiled and entitled brats – can’t see anything wrong with that.I have a cousin with a shore house she’s waiting to inherit, and a multi-million dollar trust fund, and I’ve never met a more unappreciative spoiled person in my life. It’s what happens when you grow up with expectations.

  35. scrive:Che meraviglia 110 mq? Anche nel mio post ho descritto il terrazzo ma dopo aver visto il tuo vorrei sotterrarmi!Comunque capisco la passione.. se poi è un angolo così tranquillo lo si gode da matti.. a noi spesso sembra di stare in vacanza seduti l’ a guardare il tramonto o l’alba al mattino…e un’altra cosa… credevo che fossimo gli unici a dire “orgoglioni” e invece incontro te! :DDD

  36. Nothing against the performers and their performances but it doesn’t surprise me that this type of film would get praise. Not that there are many brown films out there but either we’re left with Tyler Perry’s nonsense or something like ‘The Help’. I’m dying for more diversity when it comes to films with predominantly brown cast.

  37. Ce soir Ceno, je suis lasse et fatiguée même de l’informatique. Je me suis prise encore une avoinée de première avec une DRH (lire EN74 – fête des entreprises). Je m’inquiète quand même de la baisse de fréquentation de EN74 due à Facebook. Amitié. Papillon

  38. , “I wasn’t even sleeping.” Really??? I am so happy to here that there are other people out there that get this same response. I got really upset, because I felt like he was calling me a liar. Grrr! Well ladies I guess there is only one thing to do…RECORD RECORD RECORD.

  39. I am no Spaniard despite my passport saying so…unless you force me to, that is. I don’t feel like one at least. I have nothing in common with Spaniards: I use a different language, I dance a different dance, I live in a country with a clearly distinct culture, food, history…And please,no demagogic oratory: the elections do not prove a single thing as no such question as “independence yes or not” was asked…

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  42. Voor het geval dat de sutuatie nog verder heb ik zelfs mijn tot met 1e klas hardware moeten voorbereiden. Dus nee geendank laat die klojo maar lullen, ik zou namelijk ook nooit ergens voor ingeschreven willen staan als daarmee verplicht verlof moest worden aangevraagd om mijn autonomie tegen de onderdrukker/conman zelf te mogen verdedigen…

  43. در پست اموزشی نوشته شده که شما باید فایل هاتون رو کامل کنید نهایتا به روز کردن تاریخ و زمان کامپیوتر توست اینترنت هم کمک خواهد کرد.

  44. tam – I was just going to leave the SAME EXACT COMMENT! Except for the 1983 thing. Also, I remember when one station would do the Top Five at Five, and I knew when one or two of my favorite songs would be on the list, so I would tune in whenever possible to hear it. It was usually something by GNR…had to listen to it on the radio b/c i wasn’t allowed to own the tape. It worked for MTV too – I had a standing date at 5:55 for the New Kids’ Hangin’ Tough video.

  45. Hola a todos.Comentaros que al actual equipo de oposición, no se nos trasladado dicha pretensión ni documental ni verbalmente y que en ninguno de los plenos celebrados hasta la fecha de hoy se ha tratado el tema.De todas formas y hasta que se lleve a pleno esta iniciativa, invitaros (aunque no sea necesario pues es un derecho ciudadano) y animaros a que asistais a los plenos que se celebren pues considero que en ellos se tratan contenidos de interés para todos y todas los que vivimos en Frailes.Un saludoPuntúa este comentario 16  17

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  48. I’m not sure if I identify with any of them but I find myself reflecting on the fact that in all these places you can find people who really love Jesus (be they a Quaker, a mega-church member or part of a little country town chuch) and people who don’t. And that’s really the only thing that makes any differenceI think

  49. Kjempeartig kjole! Det ser ut som du strikker usedvanlig pent og jevnt, helt nydelig ble den! Ti kalendergaver fra lager står det respekt av. Fine vovsen, skikkelig pen. :)

  50. I like Faldo but he should have offerred up an apology as well if apologies are warranted. He laughed along with her. I do believe that Canadians are somewhat less sensitive to the term than others but to me it sounded innocuous. Why no outcry when Faldo commented on Mrs. Sabbatini’s T-shirt last year? I thought that was kind of innapropriate even though I found it humorous.

  51. Hi Vanessa!Thanks – I’m fulfilling some technical consulting roles for the foreseeable future, but will still be thinking/working on new ideas for SMB. I hope to make it out to a few events as an attendee rather than an organizer – something I’ve missed in the last several months.Kind Regards,Rick

  52. . As I recall, even 6 months ago fingering fractional reserve banking as the ultimate culprit would have been all but unthinkable (generations of banker-funded propaganda will do that.)While times are slowly changing, I agree that nothing short of a “full faith and credit” crisis, if that, will bring about fundamental reform. It’s tragic (since it’s avoidable,) but the historical evidence seems quite conclusive.

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  54. SÃ¥ kjekt nÃ¥r du hadde laget din egen variant med fargepaletter og herlig redigering!Nydelig…Jeg savner ikke vÃ¥ren, for elsker alle Ã¥rstidene, men gleder meg til Ã¥ tilføye mer farger nÃ¥r tiden er inne ;)Enn sÃ¥ lenge nyter jeg svart, hvitt og grÃ¥tt -for det meste, nÃ¥ nÃ¥r jula er ute.God helg til deg og dine.Klem May Helen

  55. that he made a fault in the Earth to hide certain objects, this is probably under the Giza plateau. Roman legions still had to fight these Giants in 235 A.D. in Europe, by then degenerated to a size of ca 3 meters. The socalled Vandals who plundered Rome were also revengefull Giants as were the Germanic Tribes. The first generation Giants were app. 150 meters in size. Later build pyramids were also inferior to the Great Pyramid wich was probaly set up three cyclical events wich is10.950 years ago. Erik Blessing

  56. Sorry it this turns out to be a double post…I tried to post before and I don’t think it went through as I don’t see it! I am planning to give some of the aprons I have that belonged to my grandma to the younger women in my family along with some of the recipes from my grandma and great grandma that are family classics! I think it is so important to pass those kinds of traditions down and hopefully wearing the aprons will remind them of family and home.

  57. Bonjour,J’en profite pour émettre une petite critique non sur l’article mais sur les commentateurs. Je reviens vers l’UPR suite au visionnage de la dernière conférence de Mr Asselineau. Mais, je suis fort agacé par le fait que tout les fous qui se baladent sur internet pondent des commentaires sur des articles sérieux de l’UPR et personne ne vient modérer leurs propos. Ça ne me fait plus du tout rire, ça en devient même très péniible !

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  59. Thanks for the book suggestion. I’ll have to read it. Most folks underestimate the vast importance of the navy in our military history. Since the invention of flight, much of our focus has shifted to the air. But before that, the Navy controlled the true highways of the world.

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  186. Jan SavageI thought of your family last night as I watched the memorial service last night in Tucson, and was not surprised either by the response of those in attendance. How wonderful that their life was celebrated by those who were so proud of how they lived their lives everyday!

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